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You Seen My Goat?

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  • Client: Dazed & Confused
  • Project: You Seen My Goat?
  • Director: Rob Rafalat & Alex Kirkland

We never said it would make sense.

Written and Directed by Robert Rafalat and Alex Kirkland, Where's My Goat was Runner Up in Dazed magazine's 2014 Roman Coppola Competition. To enter the competition, we had to create a film that responded to the following review: "This film is so unique. It is a total reflection of the filmmaker's personality. Despite its short length, it had an appealing free-form and poetic quality. There is one particularly great, sexy moment – so provocative – but tasteful. I love the section which used jump cuts and also the subliminal shots of fruit so cleverly integrated. This whole movie feels like a scene in a longer film which I can’t wait to see” Where's My Goat was filmed on a farm in East Sussex. There's a rumour amongst the cast that there is a hidden subtext that reveals the location of some buried treasure. I could't possibly confirm or deny.

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