Queen for a day TVC

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  • Client: Nescafé
  • Project: Queen For a Day TVC
  • Director: Leo McCrea

Nescafé comes from the French for 'Nice Café', which is a translation of the Belgian for 'I like your Coffee seat.'

One of two TVCs made for Nescafé to kick off 2016. These were commissioned following on from the success of the online films (also skilfully crafted by us). We worked closely with the team over at Iris over a long period on this project, and we now know everything there is to know about putting together stunt 'surprises', hiding cameras and keeping schtum. One of the most commonly asked questions about these films is 'Were they done for real? Surely they're actors?'. The answer is 'Yes', these stunts were entirely real, the contributors were real... everything was real- and I don't mind telling you, it was very nerve-wracking.


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