I hate to say it, but we used to be massive logo sluts here at Knock Knock. In our first two years we changed logo three times. It seems crazy now, but for a young company buzzing with ideas and trying to forge our own identity it didn't seem that odd.

Each logo was representative of a unique step in our growth from single celled startup, to a tool wielding, problem solving company.

Now that we have our fifth official logo, I thought it might be nice to take a look back at some of the lo's that had to go...  

1: Knock Knock, ‘The stamp logo’

Our good friend Adam Tickle (http://www.thingsiveseen.co.uk) designed this little beauty in a quiet moment whilst we both worked at Mother London. This logo arrived just a few days after we settled on the company name. It’s a simple and clean design which I still love. It could have become a very clear and enduring company mark. I sometimes think of it as a hybrid between street-wear giants ‘Supreme’ and some kind of huge petrochemical company. Which, as crazy as it sounds, I like. 

One of the recurring themes that you'll see in our logos (a mix of creative and corporate) is definitely visible here.

2: Knock Knock, ‘The retro logo’

This retro style logo was the first logo that ever made it onto the end of a video. Crafted by the designer's designer and all round big dog Samuel Muir (http://www.samuelmuir.com), the brief on this one was to mix the old with the new. We liked the idea of an old school looking logo that might be balanced with the text ‘Established 2010’

This was the first time we added ‘London’ to our name, something that has been attached to us in some form since then. Catching up with Sam recently, he thought that the legs on the logo should have been walking in the opposite direction. I think he’s right, but I still love this one and am glad that I tattooed it onto my shoulder.*

*not really

3: Knock Knock, ‘Corporate and cool?’

Samuel is again to thank for this one. We had a few variations, in colour and detail depending on client: The smaller K which sits on top of the large ‘corporate K’ changed between being a piece of rope and flashes of different neon colours. This was reflective of a period when we were making lots of fashion films whilst also servicing large corporate clients. 

4: Knock Knock, ‘Corporate with a wink’

Our most recent old logo was designed my Thomas Muller (http://www.hellomuller.com) via the fantastic Alex Suchet (http://wearemysterybox.com/). Many of you will recognise this from treatments, invoices, comp slips and hot air balloons.

This was often used at 45˚ which looked great, but did pose some layout problems. At an angle, the text and the double K’s could be easily read so we often used the tilted version, although I've opted for the perpendicular version above. This was a solid and honest logo, once again incorporating the double K’s, this time with an alternative way of looking at it that nodded towards our growing creative remit. 

See how the Double K’s form a sort of pencil writing on a sheet of paper? It’s not a military lapel as one of our clients suggested.

This was our longest serving logo to date. 

5: Knock Knock, ‘THE LOGO’

Our current logo, which according to our current projections will last at least 7 years is dubbed ‘The Bold K’. 

It’s colourful, established, confident and cheeky all at once.

Thanks to Dan’s amazing team at Built by Buffalo (http://builtbybuffalo.com), especially Jose for this incarnation. I’ll let you decipher the meta-levels in this one.


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